Behavioral Health Integration into Primary Care

Behavioral health integration into primary care is a key ingredient in achieving the triple aim of providing better care, achieving better health and doing it at a lower cost. As this becomes more recognized, we’re seeing payers offer reimbursement opportunities to fund the integration of care, such as the Chronic Care management code and the four new G-codes that CMS is proposing to separate payment for services covering behavioral health integration (BHI) in the primary care setting: GPPP1, GPPP2, GPPP3, GPPPX. These are additional billing opportunities to the existing testing and screening codes that can be used with Vault to help fund behavioral health integration.

Learn more about how clinics are integrating care in the following article:,0&GUID=C3681825-B970-452C-83CF-CF1A326C628A&rememberme=1&ts=06122016.