Challenges For the Healthcare Provider

  • Compliance with the Affordable Care Act
    • Increased migration to PCMH model, including formation of a large number of ACOs
  • Maintaining Profitability
    • Adapt workflows to accommodate pay-for-performance (P4P) and outcome measures
  • Meeting PQRS and Meaningful Use (MU) requirements
    • Engage patients, improve efficiency and care coordination, all while protecting patients’ privacy

Mandated increased patient screening and documentation requirements, including behavioral health




“Mental disorders, including depression, anxiety disorders, and substance use disorders, are the leading causes of disability worldwide, are associated with increased medical care and employer costs, and lead to premature mortality.”

‘ A O’Donnell. B Williams. et al. Mental Health in ACOs: Missed Opportunities and Low-Hanging Fruit. Am J Manag Care. Mar 2013; 19(3): 180–184.



“...studies have shown that primary care physicians fail to recognize up to 50%
of depressed patients, purportedly because of

  • time constraints and
  • a lack of brief, sensitive, easy-to administer psychiatric screening instruments.”

– Accountable Care Organization 2013 Program Analysis, CMS, 2013





Improve Outcomes, Optimize Patient Satisfaction, and Maintain Profitability

  1. Recognize the need to integrate behavioral health and the willingness to implement solutions
  2. Incorporate an appropriate, effective tool for patient screening and identification, and on-going patient monitoring
  3. Develop and implement plans for management and treatment of identified patients