How Vault Works

  • Picture2Vault uses any web-enabled device (computer, tablet, smart phone) to gather your patients’ data privately and communicate it to you and any other providers your patients designate.
  • Tests can be ordered in advance, on a schedule, or at the time of a patient’s office visit using any web-enabled device
  • Interactive reports show progress over time and are immediately available for viewing, printing or uploading to your EMR.
  • Getting Started:
    1. Contact us to set up your clinic in the Vault system.
    2. Learn how to use Vault; training and support offered by our Account Management team and through Vault-U, our online resource for all Vault .
      1. Are you already a Vault user? Log-in to Vault U here. (Link to Vault U)
    3. Begin providing Vault testing and screening with ease in your office