Why Use Vault?

Performance That Pays


–Assists in the transition from episodic to longitudinal care. Depression test addresses ACO Quality Measure #18, and Vault helps meet NCQA requirement for PCMH mental health integration


–Vault reports are interactive with incorporated clinical decision support, allowing easy identification of high-impact patients. Thoroughly track, monitor, and report on care delivered to the monitored population

–Vault is the only app utilizing TRUE (Test Response Utility Engine) software, enabling providers to quickly combine tests, obtain results in interactive reports that highlight key information clinicians use when optimizing care, including recommendations and alerts, and track patient progress.

–Screen for suicidal thoughts or plans and secure a contract for safety with embedded tests that are triggered, as needed, based on patient responses

–Identify, track and monitor the treatment outcomes of high risk patient registries using Vault’s interactive reports


–Automates the process to meet state medical boards’ compliance guidelines for prescribing controlled substances for pain, anxiety, weight loss and ADHD


–Vault’s Test Menu is the broadest on the market, including two key mental health tests, depression and distress.

–Improves the clinic workflow and patient experience. Because Vault is cloud-based, testing can take place on any web-enabled device, including the patient’s or the offices devices, and anywhere the internet is available, both at home and in the clinic.


–Engages patients through technology to deliver better care. Patients are able to respond on their preferred technology, and complete tests in or out of the clinic.


–Simple for both the clinic and the patient to use. Flexible scheduling options and test reports that are immediately available. Because Vault is cloud-based, patient testing can occur any time and anywhere the internet is available, including prior to the appointment, to minimize in-office time for patients.

–Vault is the only app utilizing TRUE (Test Response Utility Engine) software, minimizes testing time while maximizing the value of test results.


–Economical way to collect patient health data without further burden to limited medical staff resources


–Mental health assessments are reimbursable by most insurance companies and Medicare, using the 96138 CPT code. Vault does not require a contract, but instead bills per test beginning 30 days after the initial test, to allow for reimbursement. Only pay for the tests you use.

–In addition to revenue from mental health testing, capture ancillary revenue through no-charge screening test results and recommendations